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        •  Siloed  channels  and  internal
          business  organizations:  half                                                                          TRENDS
          (51%)  of  organizations  agree
          there is only partial collaboration
          between functions when it comes
          to  designing  CX,  and  13%  don’t
          collaborate  at  all;  less  than  two
          thirds  (60%)  still  have  no  cross-
          channel  contact  management
          strategy  and  30%  claim  to  have
          good  or  complete  consistency
          across contact channels.

        •  Inconsistent          priorities:
          personalization  capabilities  have   aligned  to  desired  business  outcomes,  and  just  20%  have  a
          surged from 62% to 78% in one        dedicated  team  managing  the  company’s  entire  data  lake.
          year,    but   just    17%     of    In fact, 15% have no data management strategy at all, which
          organizations  place  “customer      explains why data is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.
          delight”  as  the  top  driving  force   Half (50%) of all teams are evaluating and learning how to use
          behind  their  customer  journey     available  data  and  22%  do  not  have  the  required  data
          design  strategy.  This  explains    management skills or resources to do so.
          why  over  one  third  (44%)  of
          assisted services enquires fail to   An increasing number of organizations are moving towards the
          be  resolved  during  first  contact,   use  of  smart  data  to  inform  CX  decisions  but  are  often
          while  automated  channels  fare     overwhelmed  by  this  transformation.  Half  of  businesses
          worse with a 57% fail rate.          confirmed data analytics and data management will be one of
                                               the  top  three  tech  initiatives  prioritized  by  the  CX  team.
       Creating  a  smarter  CX  with          Analytics  (59%)  is  expected  to  be  the  top  factor  in  reshaping
       data analytics                          the  CX  industry  within  the  next  five  years.  This  is  closely
                                               followed by artificial intelligence (57%), service personalization
       While  more  than  three  quarters      (38%) and technology integration (37%).
       (77%)  of  organizations  indicate  that
       they are satisfied with their customer   Overcoming      business      organizational      structure
       satisfaction  capability,  only  17%  of   challenges
       their   customers   rate   customer
       experience       at      ‘advocacy’     Many organizations believe AI and automation is the future for
       level.  Worryingly, just 11% of AI and   creating  operational  efficiency,  hyper  personalization  and
       robotics  users  say  customers  rate   providing  an  effortless  customer  experience.  The  majority
       their  experience  at  advocacy  level,   (71%)  of  businesses  believe  customer  operations  will  be
       exposing the gap between emerging       positively affected by AI and CX robotics. Rules-based robotic
       technologies and satisfaction levels.   solutions  “are  the  preferred  option  both  now  and  in  the  short
       This  demonstrates  that  businesses    term with AI being the top five-year priority.”
       need  to  create  a  smart  strategy
       which bases AI on optimum data.         However,  the  implementation  of  AI  remains  difficult.  Looking
                                               forward, businesses must find a solution for the current lack of
       Organizations  must  learn  to  fill  the   skills  across  the  business,  which  is  currently  considered  a
       gap  between  data  management  /       challenge for more than half (59%) of organizations today.
       integration and prioritize an efficient
       data  management  platform.  As  it     “Businesses must look at how technologies such as AI and RPA can
       stands,  only  half  (50%)  of  data    work as part of their organizational team structures,” said Anand. “But
       capture  needs  are  defined  and       to do this successfully,

        9                                                March 2020: Content Marketing: authenticity, transparency & quality instead of keyword battle
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