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             Connected customers expect a hyper-

             personalized, effortless experience

            NTT Ltd. revealed the findings of its annual Global   Pranay  Anand,  Asia  Pacific  Director,  Intelligent
            Customer Experience Benchmarking Report titled       Workplace for NTT Ltd. “By listening to the voice
            “The    Connected    Customer:     Delivering   an   of the customer, integrating data across systems,
            effortless  experience”,  according  to  which  only   in addition to adopting emerging technologies like
            12% of Asia Pacific organizations are delivering a   AI and RPA, companies can leverage CX to gain a
            fully  functioning  experience,  yet  more  than  half   competitive advantage. However, most companies
            (64%) consider customer experience (CX) to be a      are  missing  valuable  insights  that  are  integral  to
            primary differentiator.                              stay relevant to and better connect with customers
                                                                 across every touchpoint.”
            Organizations struggle to align their CX strategies
            to  voice  of  customer  (VoC)  feedback,  with  54%   Listening starts with strategy
            having no formal process for considering this data
            and 19% capturing no feedback at all. Only 34%       A  successful  CX  strategy  is  proven  to  improve
            fully define and track the value contribution of CX   customer  and  brand  engagement  and  drive
            and roughly a third (34%) are able to connect data   commercial performance. Yet many organizations
            relationships between channels – leaving the rest    are  still  stuck  in  the  developmental  stage  due  to
            operating ‘blind’ with no full view of the customer   siloed  technology  systems,  inconsistencies  in
            ecosystem.                                           experience, and a lack of clear processes.

            That said, across the globe, the collection of VoC   Specifically, the challenges include:
            feedback by organizations is improving with a 45%     •  Faltering  technology  systems:  one  in  five
            improvement since 2019 in those capturing some          (20%) say their technology systems are failing
            form of feedback and 10% now perceive their VoC         to  meet  current  needs  and  many  teams  still
            program  to  be  at  an  advanced  level  across  all   struggle  with  legacy  systems  (42%)  and  the
                                                                    integration  of  multiple  technology  systems
            “Customer  expectations  are  higher  than  ever  -     (43%);  additionally,  the  inability  to  secure
            businesses  cannot  afford  to  fail  in  CX,”  said    budgets  (48%)  remains  a  concern  and  skills
                                                                    shortages is seen as a growing concern (26%).

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