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             Dear Reader,

             Welcome to our first edition of Asian eMarketing in 2019.
             As usual, we bring you in January digital marketing predictions in order to provide you with some
             guidance and insights for your business planning this year.
             We all know, that trends are usually exciting, innovative, creative, entertaining and should be lucrative
             by some means or other. Unfortunately, businesses often do not spot trends until their competitors
             launch appropriate products and services.
             Asian eMarketing wants you to leverage new digital media and marketing trends and intends to
             support you winning the rat race in business. So, use the opportunity to be informed about existing and
             upcoming trends in the industry to stay one step ahead.
             Keep up with the digital phenomena of our time and learn how to make the most out of the
             opportunities offered.

             Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
             Best regards,

             Daniela La Marca
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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