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      be insufficient in a world of unpredictability, constant   preciating technologies, human talent thankfully stays
      change, and disruption.”                             appreciative.
                                                           Moving away from CV superficialities to questions like
      The future corner advantage goes to businesses that   ‘What world crisis keeps you up at night?’ in the inter-
      invest in risk takers and self-driven learners who ex-  view process can filter out the passionate. Broadening
      pand beyond their job descriptions, often to rewrite the   hiring criteria to include a passion for art, as an exam-
      job entirely. Their commitment to excel builds resilience,   ple, encourages cultures of integrated engineering and
      so that when disruption knocks on a company’s door, its   design.
      workforce is already well acquainted.
                                                           In addition to recruitment, organizations need to learn
      Engaged but dispassionate employees thrive on pre-   how to tap and amplify passion from within their ranks.
      dictable profit margins and ‘free pizza Fridays’. Passion-  Business leaders need to ask the hard questions like:
      ate employees, on the other hand, can let the peppero-  Does the organizational culture punish or reward fail-
      ni go cold. They’re too busy being ‘engaged’.        ure? Do current systems foster or hinder collaboration?
                                                           Is it lip service or actual opportunities that employees
      Laying new platforms for passion to thrive           are given to impact their domain? As companies make
                                                           the adjustments to foster fresh passion and motivation,
      Sadly, 87% of America’s workforce is falling short of its   they will redefine their workforce and lock down solid
      potential because these workers lack the passion to   sustained performance in increasingly tumultuous
      pioneer and innovate. And companies are certainly not   times.
      making it any easier, with CEOs and top managers in-
      centivized to manage shareholders’ expectation more   Tony Robbins says, “It’s not the lack of resources, it’s
      than run the actual company and invest in their own   your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.” Passion is
      people (an idea former General Electric CEO Jack     an unstoppable force that tips problems over to solu-
      Welsh has incidentally termed ‘the dumbest idea in the   tions. It operates on the assumption that challenge is
      world’.)                                             the breeding ground for betterment and failure makes
                                                           you stronger.
      Greater attention should be given to passion and overall
      disposition than to mere technical skills and academic   And when the resources are not there, it will simply re-
      credentials. So how can organizations re-shape and re-  define the resources and carry on. Unlike the economy
      think their environments to secure the talent they so   of immediate gratification in which we operate, passion
      desperately need? Firstly, they need to redefine whom   cannot be franchised or fast-tracked. It’s bred over time
      they’re looking for. While trends and innovations come   in failure and grit and daily grind. And the companies
      and go, the one indispensable attribute of the work   who do more than tip their hat to it will reap the rewards
      world is disposition. Against the backdrop of vastly de-  in time. ◊                   By Scott Tatom

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