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       However,  considering  the  quantity  of  contacts,  fans,  However,  anyone  who  acts  as  the  sole  sender  of
       followers  or  likes  as  the  sole  criteria  is  the  wrong  company  or  product  information  will  not  reap  any
       approach - especially in the B2B field. The quality makes  breakthrough  success  on  the  social  media  channels.
       the difference, since sometimes even a small number of  Understanding  communication  as  a  one-way  street  is
       calls  or  followers  is  enough,  if  they  remain  loyal  to  the  one  of  the  biggest  mistakes  in  the  B2B  space.
       company via social networks. Up-to-date corporate and  Questions  should  be  answered,  there  should  be  a
       product  news  are  a  good  way  to  be  present  and  to  response to suggestions and other posts, or company
       increase  customer  loyalty,  besides  having  a  positive  pages   should   be   actively   liked.   Furthermore,
       effect  on  the  visibility  in  search  engine  rankings.  businesses  should  not  be  shy  about  making  new
                                                           contacts  via  the  networks,  especially  since  a  serious
       Good content is certainly the mainstay in the use of B2B  request  via  the  channels  is  perceived  as  even  more
       social media. Eventually, there is the risk of scaring off  personal than an email. ◊
       future customers with irrelevant or uninteresting content.
                                                                                        By Daniela La Marca

                                                 MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd - Independant ePublisher for Asia
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