The Digital Quotient, test launched in 2010 by Microsoft Advertising to help digital marketers in Asia gauge their digital aptitude, is back! This time, however, it is an even more exciting challenge - the Digital ZENSES Championship.

Reaching a state of ZEN, the ultimate state of enlightenment, requires wisdom that can only come from experience, a realization of one’s own knowledge, and the art of innovation.

To reach a state of digital Zen is not so different: insightful individuals must be able to distinguish the good from the bad, have the vision to realize that digital marketing is here to stay, and the senses to work it well. In other words, you need to be a ‘Digital ZENSES Master’.

Find out if you make the cut by joining

Digital ZENSES Championship has been specifically designed by Microsoft Advertising for the digital advertising industry. The Championship will require digital marketers to put their numeric instincts, skills, knowledge and speed of response to the test by first answering three questions in the warm-up period and then facing an eight-round challenge which covers 20 questions in the match period.

The further into the game you go, the tougher the questions

The contender reaching the furthest round, with the highest cumulative score, with the fastest time will be awarded the title of Digital ZENSES Master. That honour also comes with a trophy and a special invitation to SPIKES 2011 in Singapore hosted by Microsoft Advertising. The silver and bronze winners will receive an Xbox360 250Gb console with a Kinect bundle, and an Xbox360 4Gb console with a Kinect bundle respectively.

Microsoft Advertising has also included an award for the ‘Digital ZENSES Agency of the Year’, which goes to the agency with the highest cumulative score of their top three participants. The ‘Digital ZENSES Agency of the Year’ will also be awarded the same prizes as the individual category.

Kenneth Andrew, Marketing Director, Microsoft Advertising, Greater Asia Pacific, said that the championship was designed to enlighten marketers on the nuances of digital marketing and to recognise the direction it is taking. “Digital marketing will evolve well into the future and as one of the world’s leading players in digital advertising, we want to extend our depth of knowledge to our industry partners to keep them up to date with the latest digital trends and new developments in technology and the industry. Our extensive research in this area, coupled with our strong global network, provides the means for brands to make the best and most timely connections with their target consumers, who are spending increasing amounts of time online.”

As he noted, the Digital ZENSES Championship is the second challenge of its kind, following the successful Digital Quotient (DQ) test that Microsoft Advertising launched last year. This latest challenge sets a benchmark to help industry players assess their knowledge in the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry.

The results of the first DQ test revealed a need for marketers in the Asia-Pacific region to brush up their knowledge of the digital universe. “The DQ test highlighted the importance of having a different type of intellectual aptitude in today’s online world,” said Andrew. “It helped create a standard for industry players within the digital sphere to gauge and compare their knowledge levels with their peers.

“The majority of DQ test participants came from the advertising, marketing or public relations sectors, and averaged a score of 60 percent on the test. Obviously there is room for improvement.”

In addition to the two challenges, Microsoft Advertising also conducts a series of digital workshops with professionals of varying levels of experience.

Aspiring digital ‘ZENSES masters’ can participate in the Digital ZENSES Challenge at