Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, unveiled the inaugural edition of its annual Sybase® mCommerce Guide 2011.

A compilation of articles by Sybase executives, partners, and industry analysts, the guide examines the transformation of commerce via the fourth screen - the mobile device.

The comprehensive guide explores global market opportunities for financial institutions, enterprise and mobile operators through the viewpoints of those who are deeply involved in successful executions of various mCommerce strategies that are transforming lives both in developed and emerging economies.

“The strategies behind mCommerce executions vary from region to region and are driven by local social and economic realities,” said Marty Beard, president, Sybase 365.  “The goal of this guide is to be a vehicle for today’s most innovative minds to share practical information and paradigm-shifting examples with the global market.”

Leading with a holistic look at the current mCommerce landscape, the first section of the guide provides the readers with a picture of the opportunities and challenges for mCommerce in various parts of the world, delving into opportunities for financial institutions.

The second section looks at growth potential for firms that want to implement an mCommerce strategy today.

Mobile operators play a key role in driving mCommerce adoption around the world, so the third section of the guide is a compilation of success stories from operators in developed and developing countries such as Austria, Germany, Afghanistan and Kenya.

Finally, the last section is dedicated to the profitability of mCommerce for enterprises, with highlights of successful mCommerce strategies.

Download a copy of the Sybase Mobile Commerce Guide, and watch Sybase 365 President Marty Beard introduce the Guide at