InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, just revealed that the Singapore mobile ad market grew by 18% to 139 million monthly ad impressions from January to April 2011 and that the Android platform saw a staggering increase of +12.7 share points in ad impressions over January 2011, now serving over 37 million impressions monthly.

“Singapore is one of the most advanced mobile markets in the world. With a country population of five million, the 139 million monthly impressions served by InMobi are a testament to the country’s mobile potential. It’s not just the reach but also the quality of devices that makes it a truly exciting market for advertisers. The high penetration of smartphones along with a tech-savvy audience allows advertisers to utilize the latest, most sophisticated ad technology to engage consumers” Atul Satija, VP & Managing Director - Asia Pacific at InMobi commented.

Key findings for Singapore are part of InMobi’s April 2011 Mobile Insights Report, the largest monthly report of its kind.

  • Singapore mobile ad impressions grew by 18% from January to April 2011 on the InMobi network.
    • InMobi now serves over 139 million impressions a month in Singapore up over 20 million monthly ad impressions from January 2011.
  • Smartphones represent 89% of all impressions in this very advanced mobile market.
    • Smartphone share in Singapore is over 2.5 times the Asia average and nearly double the global average.
  • Although Apple is still the top platform in Singapore it lost significant share to Android between January and April 2011.
    • Android saw a staggering increase of +12.7 share points in ad impressions over January, now serving over 37 million impressions monthly.
    • iPhone OS lost 15.6 share points in just 90 days primarily due to the strength of Android in the market.
    • Android and iOS powered devices now represent four out of every five ads in the market, providing an ideal ecosystem for advertisers.
  • Despite a decline of 15.6 share points in its share, Apple still maintains the majority of ad impressions in Singapore with a 54% market share.
    • Manufacturers Samsung (+8.4 share pts), HTC (+1.5 share pts) and Motorola (+2.2 share pts) all gained share of ad impressions supporting the Android surge.
  • Apple iPhone saw a decline of 17.8 share points in its impressions share but remains the single most popular device in Singapore with a 47.4% share.
    • Beyond the iPhone, fragmentation is clear without any single handset holding more than 6.1% share.

Singapore OS Share: April 2011

The latest InMobi Mobile Insights Report can be downloaded here: