Sunday May 19th

Wearable Tech: A growing payment opportunity
The Smart Payment Association (SPA) just launches an interesting white paper that explores wearable tech from a payments perspective, analyzes the current market and evaluates the wearable industry’s future prospects.
Older generations savvier about IoT security, Irdeto’s new study revealed
Irdeto released a new global survey on consumer attitudes about IoT Security, including security awareness, how many IoT devices they have in their homes, importance of protecting those devices, concerns about those devices being hacked, who they believe is responsible for security, etc.
The Internet of Things and Wearables for innovative, interactive Marketing
For many, the Internet of Things (IoT) is considered the next major revolution in IT that has the potential to significantly influence, if not dissolve and reorganize, the structures of whole industries, value chains, and the rules of competition.
CtrlShift reorganizes its business around new SaaS offering – The Hub
Digital advertising is estimated to account for 38% of total ad spend (USD59 billion) in the Asia Pacific region this year and to increase by 5.6%. This auspicious prospect could be the reason for the audience solutions company CtrlShift to rethink its business offerings.
What marketers want to achieve by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Customer satisfaction and more ROI for the company, due to more opportunities for personalized real-time campaigns and automated workflows, are just some of the goals marketers want to achieve when using artificial intelligence, according to the recent Forrester and Emarsys study ‘Building Tru ...

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