In response to rising demand for powerful social computing solutions on the Microsoft platform, NewsGator is aggressively expanding into the Asia-Pacific region.

NewsGator Social Sites delivers advanced social computing capabilities to Microsoft productivity and collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Azure, Windows Phone 7, Office 365 and Dynamics.

NewsGator is a premier social computing partner of Microsoft, recognized as the 2011 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for the United States and making it one of North America's fastest-growing technology companies, due to its social capabilities- including micro-blogging, rich activity streams, multi-platform mobile access, social profiles, integrated news feeds, expertise discovery, badging/recognition, ideation, community collaboration and video streaming.

"Asia-Pacific businesses want to capitalize on their momentum by implementing deep social collaboration functionality across their organizations with security, scalability and governance that addresses enterprise needs," said Cuneyt Uysal, who oversees business development for NewsGator in the Asia-Pacific region. "They're looking for solutions that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft's knowledge management and collaboration technologies, which is exactly what Social Sites 2010 offers."

Cuneyt Uysal has spent most of the past decade helping Asia-Pacific software vendors establish their brand and adopt Web technologies that advance their business strategies and joined NewsGator, the Microsoft Gold Certified and Depth Managed Partner, just in February of this year. He previously developed the Southeast Asia presence of Sitecore, a Web Content Management System (CMS) software provider, after working for Open Text and RedDot Solutions, where he architected more than 40 enterprise content management implementations.

NewsGator Social Sites boosts productivity and delivers robust social technology to the enterprise, helping over three million paid users in industries across the globe. With proven scalability and security it provides its service to flagship clients like Accenture, Adidas, Deloitte, Ericsson, Kraft Foods, or Unisys Corporation in the US as well as customers in the Asia-Pacific region which include among others the Bank of New Zealand, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, or Stockland, Australia's largest diversified property group.

"Asia-Pacific is a dynamic, prosperous region with organizations ready to make critical decisions to sustain their growth for decades to come," said JB Holston, president and CEO of NewsGator. "Social computing on the Microsoft stack will help improve their performance with new capabilities for collaboration, knowledge management and innovation. We're eager to help them obtain those capabilities now."

NewsGator's support of SQL Server 2012

Sites customers gain new power and performance with NewsGator's support of SQL Server 2012 that integrates directly into the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 collaboration platform, delivering a wide range of social capabilities to users and unifying the customer's technology infrastructure, enabling customers to streamline communications, improve employee recruiting and retention, and boost overall productivity.

SQL Server 2012 adds new, higher levels of disaster protection, redundancy, scalability and performance to the Social Sites/SharePoint combination at a low cost without complexity.

More rapid data visualization enables Social Sites customers to unlock new business insights from the data they produce in their Social Sites environment. That data environment can now span internal servers, private cloud installations, the public cloud, or a combination of the three – called "cloud on your terms."

"Social computing data increasingly makes up the lifeblood of the enterprise, and the activity stream serves as the main artery," said Brian Kellner, executive vice president, development and product management at NewsGator. "Our customers are poised to gain new insights, confidence and performance from this information through the evolution of Microsoft's powerful database platform. SQL Server 2012 sets a new standard of excellence."

In addition to managing social computing data, SQL Server 2012 can stream periodic reports to SharePoint – e.g., trend analyses or billing statements – which then can appear in the Social Sites newsfeed. In addition to SharePoint and SQL Server, NewsGator Social Sites supports of course the entire Microsoft productivity and collaboration stack.

AlwaysOn delivers enterprise data assurance

A key feature of SQL Server 2012 is AlwaysOn, a new high availability and disaster recovery solution that provides redundancy within a data center and across data centers. Fast application failover protects mission-critical applications like Social Sites 2010.

"SQL Server 2012's AlwaysOn capability reduces the complexity of maintaining high availability and disaster recovery," said Eugene Saburi, general manager, SQL Server Product Marketing, at Microsoft. "With SQL Server 2012, organizations can perform a simple, straightforward code change in the connection string to deliver a powerful combination of database mirroring and clustering. The result is non-stop customer access to their invaluable applications and data."

SQL Server 2012 also significantly reduces planned downtime – which constitutes nearly 80% of the outages in a typical IT environment – with features such as Windows Server Core support and rolling upgrading. The new system improves performance and cost-effectiveness by enlisting secondary database instances for operations such as reporting and backup. Deploying and managing a high-availability solution is simple with wizards, a dashboard and other tools for easy creation of availability groups and failover cluster instances.

By MediaBUZZ