According to a Forrester Research report, mobile commerce has matured from a nascent to a critical commerce touch-point in just two years, pointing out that today's mobile offerings must be both fully transactional and support the customer's end-to-end experience with a retailer to satisfy customers.

For this reason, Tealeaf, a leader in digital customer experience management solutions, recently introduced the latest version of Tealeaf CX Mobile™, a complete mobile customer experience management solution that enables sophisticated customer experience analysis across all mobile channels, including mobile Websites, native iOS and Android apps, hybrid apps, and the growing number of apps and sites built in HTML5.

Due to the exponential adoption of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, consumers now have the ability to conduct transactions anywhere, anytime. Not only does the mobile channel create new revenue opportunities for e-business, it is also critical for maintaining a competitive advantage, but at the same time presents new opportunities to lose business, too. In fact, poor mobile experiences come with consequences as Tealeaf's mobile transaction research, conducted last year by Harris Interactive, found out, reporting that for instance,

  • 85 % of consumers expect the mobile experience to be better than online experiences using a laptop or desktop computer and
  • 63% of all online adults said they would be less likely to buy from the same company via other purchase channels if they experienced a problem conducting a transaction on their mobile phones.

The Mobile Ecommerce Revolution

Indeed, mobile commerce is growing in lightning-speed and brings the era of creating websites solely for customers using desktops or laptops to an end. "The Mobile Money Forecast" of the Yankee Group, for instance, expects mobile transactions to continue their exponential growth, forecasted to exceed $1 trillion by 2015. This explosion in mobile adoption adds to the mounting pressure on consumer-organizations to deliver the best possible mobile experiences or risk losing customers completely - not just from the mobile channel.

Bill Loller, vice president of Mobile for Tealeaf, states: "If you're not mobile, you're not competitive. Tealeaf CX Mobile helps ecommerce businesses to take full advantage of the mobile revolution by identifying opportunities—as they happen—to optimize the mobile experience and empower customers to accomplish the task they are attempting to do digitally."

Tealeaf CX Mobile allows businesses to understand, respond to and optimize the complete mobile customer experience by enabling them to see their sites and apps through the eyes of their customers. Tealeaf's solution gives organizations the context necessary to enable their mobile apps and mobile sites to be useful, engaging and functioning properly. It provides documented evidence of customer struggles and the ability to quantify the business impact of customer challenges.

Tealeaf CX Mobile captures, for example:

  • In-screen actions, including orientation, pinching, and scrolling;
  • Enhanced mobile browser replay to re-create problems and optimize functionality;
  • Device-level data, such as device type, browser version or operating system.

With this information, companies can drill down to understand the context of every interaction and allows organizations to:

  • Automatically detect customer struggles, obstacles or issues;
  • Isolate problems and quantify users affected and business impacted;
  • Identify opportunities to optimize the end user experience for the small screen;
  • Translate customer feedback and ratings into actionable improvements;
  • Correlate customer behavior with network and application problems.

Tealeaf CX Mobile is part of the Tealeaf CX suite and the data captured is available for analysis, optimization and customer service by both the Tealeaf CX Customer Behavior Analysis Suite™ and the Tealeaf CX Customer Service Optimization Suite™.See Tealeaf CX Mobile Tour.

By MediaBUZZ