Sitecore“The right content, delivered in the right context, is what drives great commerce results”, is Sitecore’s mantra in its whitepaper “Commerce: It’s always personal. How context-driven content fuels sales growth”.

The company is well-known for its ‘Experience Platform’ that empowers marketers to deliver personalized interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty and drive revenue.

Sitecore highlights that “useful, engaging content fuels customer interactions, but that content will be far more useful and engaging if it’s delivered in the context of the customer’s latest interaction with your brand. To identify which content works best for which type of customer, at which stage of the buying cycle, and through which channel, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of the overall customer journey.”

And without a complete view of all customer data, you’ll never really know who they are or predict how they’ll respond to your content at any given time.

Check out Sitecore’s five tips on how to get more conversions by putting commerce in context of the customer experience:

1. Bring together everything you know about every customer and deliver personalized experiences to grow revenue. That’s how your customers become your fans and bring others along with them.

2. Make commerce a seamless continuation of cross-channel conversations. Commerce needs to be integrated with the entire customer experience across every channel, online and offline.

3. Gain actionable insights to keep conversations going: Commerce data should be fed back into your behavioral database to generate insights you can use to attract, nurture, and retain customers. When shopping data informs your cross-channel marketing, customer interactions become far more relevant and more profitable.

4. Analyze detailed commerce and customer experience data so that you understand how customer journeys lead to a purchase and can guide customers down the right path to maximize conversions and minimize cart abandonment.

5. Test and refine your content continually to ensure it delivers the best results. Each time you test and tweak, you’re adding to your context knowledge bank, helping improve personalization and make future interactions more valuable.

“People engage with content that’s totally relevant to them at the exact point it’s delivered”, Sitecore makes clear and simply not “with content that appears random or disconnected from their current problems, desires, or readiness to buy.” That’s why personalized experiences, combining content and context, are so important. “By tailoring the experience for each customer at every stage of their journey, from awareness to conversion and beyond, businesses can increase attraction, retention, and wallet share”, Sitecore concludes.

By MediaBUZZ