appnexusAppNexus, a technology company whose cloud-based software platform enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising, launched its viewable marketplace, a new key platform capability that empowers buyers to transact only on viewable impressions via AppNexus Deals.

The leading independent ad tech company is using Alenty technology to determine whether ads meet viewability standards established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The new marketplace operates in real time and provides automated clearing and reconciliation.

AppNexus' viewable marketplace fundamentally raises the bar for accountability and verification across all advertising, a global industry that Cowen & Co. and Magna Global currently estimates at over $500 billion in annual spend

The AppNexus viewable marketplace renders digital advertising more accountable and verifiable than all other forms of advertising," said Brian O'Kelley, CEO of AppNexus. "Buyers can use our platform to transact only on viewable impressions, backed by a powerful technology suite that substantiates viewability and automates clearing and reconciliation. The traditional knock against digital advertising was that you never really knew if a human being saw your ad. Now you know – something you can't say about broadcast, out-of-home or print advertising."

Historically, viewability has posed one of the greatest challenges to digital advertising. A recent AppNexus survey of over 1200 publishers, advertisers and advertising technology professionals confirmed that 97% and 92% of buy-side and sell-side respondents, respectively, believe that viewability tools provide a meaningful benefit to their businesses. Until now, most viewability solutions required manual reconciliation, whereby third-party technologies identified non-viewable ads after they had been served, and buyers were reimbursed for non-viewed ads on a weekly or monthly basis. AppNexus' technology is the industry's first seamless solution, offered in real time – before an ad is even served – across the open display market.

"With higher viewability rates, high-quality publishers with viewable inventory are rewarded with better monetization and marketers can achieve a level of accountability unavailable across any other advertising medium," said Andrew Eifler, VP of Product Management at AppNexus. "Transacting on viewability is the future currency of digital advertising. It also incentivizes publishers to adjust page layouts and offer fewer, more high-quality impressions, an outcome that will resolve longstanding problems around latency and enhance overall user experience. That's how we build a better Internet."

Source: AppNexus