marketingdashboardsDataMentors, a full-service data quality, data management and business intelligence provider, just announced the release of its Marketing Dashboard solution which empowers users with affordable, real-time access to critical marketing and business performance metrics.

In fact, quickly demonstrating, accessing and visualizing key marketing KPIs in a variety of customizable charts and graphs to strategically monitor metrics such as sales trending, product cross-sell, new customers, or sales by product category is a business imperative for marketers today.


"As accountability for marketing ROI increases, many companies are seeking affordable and easy-to-use reporting solutions to more efficiently execute on strategy, improve business processes and proactively manage key company metrics," said Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors. "DataMentors' dashboards empower users, from the corporate office down to the field, to make decisions based on data-driven, real-time insights."

Linked to a module of DataMentors' business intelligence solution, PinPoint, the dashboards are highly customizable based on a user's needs, providing businesses with real-time access to critical marketing and business performance metrics. Available in a variety of graphical formats, users can access KPI reporting to strategically monitor any data-driven metric, such as sales trending, product cross-sell, marketing ROI by channel, customer acquisition, or sales by product category. Users can access metrics on the fly for real-time insights when they need them, with the flexibility to organize those metrics in any way they choose, and measure any data-driven KPI across any industry.

The marketing dashboards are an easy to implement solution for anyone within the company that has an effect on key performance metrics, including roles in sales, marketing, management, and executive leadership. "Quickly demonstrating and accessing key marketing KPIs is a business imperative for marketers today," said Ekman. "Getting accurate and timely data to employees can have a huge impact on a company's performance."

DataMentors holds an outstanding reputation in data management, data quality and business intelligence, serving clients in banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and other industries. In addition to a steadily expanding roster of satisfied clients, DataMentors has been named to the highly competitive Gartner Magic Quadrant seven years in a row for data quality excellence.

By MediaBUZZ