SapiaAIBestFitThe AI-enabled candidate assessment platform has launched local data hosting services across all its regional markets with a mission to help companies unlock and engage talent at scale.

Using the world's first Smart Interviewer, powered by the world's largest source of 1st party proprietary text data and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), turns simple text conversations into unprecedented talent intelligence: enabling organizations to interrupt hiring bias at scale, get to the right talent fast, and give every candidate an experience they love.

With local data hosting, Sapia says it will provide a faster experience for candidates and customers, but it also gives companies using the platform confidence that candidate data is treated in line with data sovereignty legislation such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).

"We understand that candidates often trust us with some of their most intimate data, and it's our duty to protect this data; therefore, we do more than just comply to GDPR, we've built a culture where all personally identifiable information, regardless whether it's from the EU, should be safeguarded at every stage of the life cycle," Barb Hyman Sapia’s CEO said.

Sapia standards include:

  • Data processing – all data is processed within Amazon Web Services (AWS) highly secure and fault-tolerant designed data centers; located in the same geography as the data is stored.
  • Data protection – all data is stored in and served from in AWS data centers using industry standard encryption; both at rest and in while transit. Sapia also has technical security assurances such as protection by intrusion prevention/detection to prevent breaches.
  • Data sovereignty – Sapia respects data sovereignty standards and is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Data and AI integrity – Sapia rigorously strives to ensure the data used in its platform is accurate and its AI is unbiased.

"All of our customers can be confident we have a team working to actively maintain security and business contingency risk, proactively preventing incidents before they can happen," Hyman said.

The extra measures to ensure the privacy and security of their customer's data are on top of all the work that Sapia has done around building ethical AI into their product. In fact, the company has established itself at the frontier of ethical AI with its FAIR Ai for Recruitment (FAIR™) framework, which is publicly available to download.

"We try to set a high standard with everything we do from data security and privacy to making sure our platform is as bias-free and fair as possible," Hyman concluded. "It's what our customers expect from the Sapia brand."

By MediaBUZZ