social-media-marketing-2014Social media marketing enjoys great popularity both for the dialogue with the customer and as a content distribution platform. Yet, like all modern marketing channels, social media changes permanently, too. We reveal what is important for social media marketers in 2015.

1. No reach without money
Facebook is doing it first and others will follow, meaning that organic reach of social networks is taking a dive, as there will be fewer and fewer "free" networks in 2015. A social media marketing campaign without Social Ads is then unthinkable. However, for social media marketers that also means that the possibilities of social ads must be used much better - especially regarding target group analysis and targeting, there is room for improvement.

2. Facebook Ads will be more expensive and more essential
Already last year, Facebook Ads have become more expensive and this trend will continue in 2015 (just take a look at eMarketer’s mobile Facebook predictions and then you know why). Fact is that with the continued shortage of organic traffic, the dependence will grow.

3. Social is going mobile
The mobile use of social networks is growing unabated and in 2015 the mobile channel is decisive. Social media marketers must understand that for running a social media campaign, all contact points must be mobile optimized, beginning with the very own homepage and ending with emails.

4. Twitter ads are part of the standard repertoire
The good thing about Twitter advertising is the flexibility. Twitter continues to work on the best ad system in the social media field and the odds are good that many marketers see it the same way in 2015. Although Twitter can’t get close to Facebook’s range, as it is hard to break the one billion barrier, it will be the No.1 competitor in Social Ads.

5. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing merge
It is obvious that content marketing needs social media marketing and vice versa. Content marketing is seeking distribution options that allow lots of reach and especially good targeting - hence, there is no way around social media. Social media marketing, on the other hand, needs good content to entertain a community or to get attention to begin with. This will ultimately lead into a merger in 2015 due to the huge dependency.

6. Social Media is finally becoming a dialogue channel
Social means interaction, but in recent years, this aspect of social media marketing has often been neglected. Studies show, however, that this will change. Brands rely more and more on interaction and involvement in the entire social network, not only their own channel. For this reason, social media will become the most successful dialogue channel in 2015.

7. Instagram starts its triumphant success worldwide
Instagram is number one - at least when it comes to image-centered social media marketing - and since almost half of its users are coming from Asia, it is interesting for local social media marketers to make use of it. Besides, the chances are high that Instagram will play in the upper league as well regarding micro videos. Thus, in combination with a good ad system, social media marketers won’t get around Instagram in 2015, since it is the fastest growing site globally, not to mention that mobile devices rule over PCs for access in Asia.

By Daniela La Marca