spatialbuzzMobile network operators across Asia have been urged to make 2015 the year of CEM (Customer Experience Management) adoption, as they continue their fight for the retention of customers and improvements in average revenue per user (ARPU).

The call came from Taiwan – where SpatialBuzz Head of Sales, James Yeh, is seeing mobile operators looking to improve how they look after the needs and demands of their customers. Yeh, whose previous roles in the region include developing markets for companies including McAfee, F5 Networks, Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems, sees 2015 as a critical year ahead for the region.

“Asian customers are hungry for the latest devices, the latest apps and a superfast service - they don’t really want to know about what bandwidth it takes for them to get delivery wherever they are,” said Yeh. “It is this environment that means that operators must adopt the very latest CEM techniques in order to keep these customers informed and engaged about how the network is performing. By involving the customer, they not only provide a more satisfied experience but they have an “army” of users out in the field who effectively become part of the network management without really even realising it!”, he added.

The SpatialBuzz solution delivers a unique, real-time and location-based customer perspective on user experience, while helping to manage customer expectations about the network – delivering cost reductions and impacting customer satisfaction in a positive manner, a combination rarely achieved in the industry.

HDAnalytics+ for crowd-shaped decision making

Now, the cloud-based customer experience analytics and service monitoring specialist launched HDAnalytics+, a major enhancement of its award-winning cloud-based CEM (Customer Experience Management) platform that helps operators improve their networks and increase customer satisfaction.

HDAnalytics+ takes the use of crowd-sourced customer experience analysis to the next level – crowd-shaped decision making. It provides targeted insights into the customer experience of subscribers, which shape the decisions and actions taken by the operator to improve the customer’s service experience. Customer experience is monitored and analysed by the SpatialBuzz system 24 hours/day. The HDAnalytics+ web-based client is used by service controllers to view and investigate areas of poor customer experience using sophisticated mapping and charting capabilities. It shapes the actions placed on operations and engineering teams in order to improve subscribers’ service experience.

Besides that, HDAnalytics+ enables operators to identify and analyse areas of low customer satisfaction on the network in near real-time, as well as having the ability to spot current and emerging network satisfaction issues. It also enables the operator to identify recurring or longer-term issues, which may not always be apparent from the instantaneous state of the network, but nevertheless lead to significant customer dissatisfaction.

“Crowd-shaped decision-making is the next step in helping operators to use crowd-sourced experience data to quickly derive real business benefits by targeting areas on the network that require attention in order to improve the customer’s service experience”, says Andrew Blake, CTO of SpatialBuzz. “With HDAnalytics+ we are bringing the power of crowd-shaping to telecoms as we look to help operators shape and reshape their offerings as customer usage evolves and changes.”

Hence, it is no surprise that SpatialBuzz is one of the world’s fastest growing customer experience analytics and service monitoring companies, which produced multi award-winning CEM solutions for global Tier 1 mobile network operators.

By MediaBUZZ